Three North Films



What is your filmmaking style?

I am focused on making wedding films that blend documentary attentiveness with the thoughtfulness and beauty of cinema. The fusion of these two elements comes together in the editing room. Although I’m not afraid to jump into the action when necessary, I am focused on capturing authentic, one-of-a-kind moments as you laugh, cry, and enjoy your day.

I understand that it can be a little unnerving to have cameras around you all day, so, I put trust at the highest priority. YOU are the audience I care about. I make films for my couples and their families to share and enjoy. You, the wedding party, guests, and even the little ones should feel comfortable in their interactions with each other. Laugh! Dance! Cry! Hug and Kiss! Be your truest selves on your wedding day. You’ve earned it. And I am honored to be invited into these intimate moments of your life.

What does your team look like?

While I maintain Three North Films, you’ll see me arriving with at least one assistant shooter. As well as shooting your day, I’m also directing the other shooters. I work with individuals that I trust are aligned with Three North Film’s standards and I also like to provide opportunities to talented and passionate filmmakers that express interest in learning about wedding filmmaking!

Interested in assisting or associate work? Click here!

How do you work with our photographer?

Your photographers and I have a shared goal and that is to provide you with our best content. On the day of your wedding, we work alongside your photographers and make sure they have the space they need to do their thing! We hope it feels more like a cohesive team from your perspective!

How do you know what we want? Can we meet up?!

I’d love to spend some time getting to know you! What’s your story? Tell me your wedding day dreams! Do you have a vision for your wedding and wedding film?

I love coffee or a good cocktail. Let’s meet up if we live within a reasonable distance to each other! If not, we can schedule a facetime/skype/phone call. Whatever you’re comfortable with, let’s make it happen.

After you’ve decided to book with me, I’ll shoot over a questionnaire. This will assist in learning more about you, the details of your day, and the overall vibe of your wedding day!

What do you require to book?

Three North Films requires $1000 booking deposit. The remaining balance is paid off according to the payment plan that you choose.

I recognize that wedding expenses can add up, so, I do offer a few different plans to help accommodate as well! So please, feel comfortable and free to discuss with me.

How do you capture audio?

All audio from the ceremony and reception is recorded using a variety of audio gear (lavalier mics, external recorders, on camera mics, and working with the DJ and their board). We do our best to get the highest quality audio possible for your film!

In regards to letter readings or sending each other a message throughout the film, I’ll work with you ahead of time to make sure to there is time allocated throughout the day to do so! I really adore the personal touch that recording letters/personal vows add to films.

Can we choose the music?

I believe it is my job to find the perfect soundtrack to blend your taste and my filmmaking style! The film score has a huge effect on the vibe and feel of the moments throughout your film. I’m quite meticulous about the edits aligning with the music! After you’ve booked with Three North, you’ll be able to tell me all about your music taste, favorite artists, inspirations, and preferences for things like cinematic strings or ambient electronic beats.

We use music, legally sourced, from the best licensed music providers on the web! We may not be able to accommodate specific requests, but there are so many brilliant musicians out there. I personally love that the artists are getting paid and recognized for their hard work! It’s, like, a fist bump from us to them.

Is there anything you don’t film?

Yes, actually. While there isn’t a specific list of things we avoid, we are focused on shooting actual, candid moments. Mom and dad’s looks of adoration. The wedding party teasing each other during family formal. The way he looks at you when he isn’t being told to smile for a photo. I don’t typically include too much of the “posed” moments. During those shoots with your photographer, we’ll be using that time to pick up more venue & detail footage for your film!

When can we expect to receive our film?

You can expect to receive your film and additional videos 10-12 weeks after your wedding day, and your trailer arrives within 4-6 weeks.

After shooting your wedding day for about 8-12 hours (I’m not too big on hourly packages), all of the real work begins. All of the art and magic happens in the edit and this process requires the most time. About 40-60 hours are logged into one film! Sorting through and organizing 400+ clips, syncing up the external audio, sourcing and gathering music, color grading the footage, and carefully crafting your film is a process that deserves attention and I don’t like to cut corners!

You will be sent private and password protected link to the trailer and film to make sure you can view them first, and then they’ll be made public for you to share! You’ll also receive a drive in the mail with your film and additional files.

Ready to inquire about booking with Three North Films?

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