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About Three North Films


I’m Andrew and this is Three North Films, a Wisconsin based film company. My creative journey began in my youth with a love for music and imagery that possessed an emotional depth. I’ve always had a guitar or camera in my hand. After retiring as a touring musician, I naturally wanted to continue to pursue a creative, challenging, and fulfilling career providing meaningful work to the world. I just love things that “feel” and working with couples on their wedding films came naturally and unexpected.

I love to make films for the true and shamelessly in love. Head on over to the FAQ page to learn more!

Over the past five years, along with some friends, I’ve been traveling around collecting intimate, authentic moments and returning them to couples as story-driven heritage films to be enjoyed for years to come. I aim to create films that remain as a living memory, a beautifully compiled highlight reel, an intimate story focusing on the truest parts of the wedding day.

I love to spend my off-time enjoying the simple things with my girlfriend, friends, and family. Sleeping in. Coffee. Brunch. Film photography. Guitar. Seeking new places and new experiences. The occasional Netflix binge. Visits to NYC whenever I get a chance. Aaaaand a craft cocktail or two, or three…