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We hopped in the van with Kyle Megna & The Monsoons for very quick weekend in Nashville at the end of September. The band was heading down to Welcome to 1979, an all analog recording studio, to live track an EP straight to tape and we joined to make a video for each of the performances.

The studio is incredible. An analog geeks dream, really. Kyle Megna and The Monsoons are also incredible. There was so much talent packed into that van making it easy to be energized for a project with such a tight agenda.

Drive. Sleep. Wake. Load in. Perform. Loud out. Drive home. 

Just like recording to tape, there wasn't much room for error. Shoots like this are alway exhilarating because you have to keep the switch in the "on" position. I love the rush and I'm excited to be a part of sharing the experience of being inside the studio with these guys. 

Enjoy the video for "You're Mine" on our Tenant Sessions page. I'll be sharing some photo's shorty. 


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